Adder and Subtractor


Although we have learnt how to do addition, some other features - such as carrying and borrowing - are missing; these features are important since we can use them for limitating a range of numbers or spliting the number into serval digits for display. Thus, I am going to show you how to achieve other feature for additions.


In digital logic, we must build a full adder to compute any given two number; full adder works with two XOR Gate which one of them handles the two inputs and another XOR handles the carry bit with the calculated result. There are AND Gates too for handling carry bit for the next bit. Here is the single bit of full adder:

Single bit of full adder is useless because it can only calculate number between 0 - 3 (including the carry bit), so we always cascade multiple of them to perform larger numbers like shown which is a 4 bit adder:

Clearly, this is not a good solution for SunVox because we will end up using a lot of logic gates for such a simple operation; thanks to the amplifer, we can do addition in an analog manner by adding two incoming signal, while you can also apply a negative detector to check if the sum of two numbers are larger then the base (based 10 for the upcoming example) so that to perform carry logic by removing the sum to the sum output and sending 1 to the carry output:

dec adder

This adder works in any bases, so you can change Module 06 to trigger the carry logic in other amount, which can be octal, hexadecimal and beyond. MOdule 08 also required to change as well, to ensure the carry logic completely cancelling the sum output; the equation for cancelling is shown:

\[ (base \times 2) / 256 \]

If you work on decimal system, set the volume to 20, likewise setting the volume to 32 for hexadecimal, or 24 for base-12.


It is currently unavailable because the borrowing logic is a bit faulty; I will rework the structure, or thie section will be removed at worst.