JK Latch and Flip Flop


Despite not used in SunVox due to its questionable behavior, let's see how other solve the problem in SR latch by building a JK flip flop.

JK Flip Flop

To overcome with the invalid state, an electrical engineer named Jack Kilby invented a universal Flip Flop.1 Based on his own name, this flip flop solves the wasted invalid state, replacing with a toggle function as shown:

00retains prev stateretains prev state

This is a step forward to a better flip flop since the additional toggle function is useful for switching a device using a momentary switch, or used for building counter; despite its flexibility, this flip flop doesn't made into SunVox, as there are some inconsistent behavior for this device.

  • Racing condition

How this flip flop works during the toggle state is that the flip flop intends to oscillate in a high speed, but the clock limits the oscillation, acting like it is toggling ON and Off. There is workaround, but I never use this flip flop in practice because there are two more simpler and more practical alternatives for any applications in SunVox, and I will tell you about that soon.