Numerical Operations - Square Root

This is the extension of the previous chapter and they might contains advance concepts; if you feel overwhelmed, please move on to other chapters first and goes back to this chapter once you are ready.

I have forgotten how did I mange to achieve this witchcraft, I need more information before I can complete this part of the tutorial


Likewise, without square root, most of the physics and geometries equation will be impossible. Finding length of a side from a right triangle, or calculate the projectile motions, you can't avoid square root. Because of the division module, this function has been finally brought into SunVox, so we can do a more complex math expression.

It was a difficult task because most of the efficient implementation for computers requires some form of hacking like using bitwise operation or overflowing the numbers which is impossible or inefficient to achieve in SunVox; hence, we had to seek other optimized solutions.

Square Root with Newton Method

Similar to the division, we can use Newton Method to find out the answer with the following equation: